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Sfakia ( Hora Sfakion )

Sfakia ( Hora Sfakion )
  • Starting from Fragokastelo in the east side of Sfakia you are going to find those dream beaches for nudists or not, for exciting discovery or lazy one. Lakki beach is closed by Fragokastelo village and it is consisted by several small sand bays not to organized but very convenient for the children. Next to that you find the impressive beach of Orthi Ammos where a small tavern is by side. Fragokastelo beach comes next and is situated just in front of the small fortress of Fragokastelo. Not deep at all is ideal for the children and its turquoisewaters will surprise you, sometimes it is a little beat crowded but not like any famous beach in the north side of the island. Vatalos beach is near by Fragokastelo and is actually several small beaches next to each other and are very impressive while there are several different colors of sand from pink to black, it is ideal for snorkeling and believe me privacy is guarantied. Koutelos beach is a small unorganized beach in which you can relax for a while and have your lunch or dinner by the tavern by side. In a small walking distance, separated by a big rock, there are Pera Koutelos beach and Psilou Rumi beach just in case you want to be isolated. For experienced climbers or for those who can have a small boat a few meters further in the west side there is the really impressive Leska beach, but I am telling you for experienced climbers only. Approaching Hora Sfakion we find Plakakia an impressive fiord's style beach, Filaki, Agios Haralampos and Amoudi beach. Even they are gorgeous beaches and very easy to approach from Sfakia on foot or by car, they are usually not crowded at all and for several reasons they are preferred by nudists. Limani and Vryssi are practically in Hora Sfakion, very small but well organized and easy accessible. Going west you are going to find Iligas beach. It is two parts of it and you can go at the main one by car, and at the second which is smaller swimming from the main one or with a small boat. They are not organized so have with you an umbrella for the sun. After these beaches you are going to find one of the best beaches in the world, Glika Nera is the name and you want regret if you go there, by boat or on foot following the E4 European path. Sweat water coming out from springs in the rock even in the sea. That is were she has her name of. A small canteen will help you for food and beverage or even for a sun bed and umbrella. Timios Stavros , Megalo Pervolaki, Mikro Pervolaki are coming next. All three are isolated and not organized accessible only by boat or walking on the E4 path from Loutro. In the first one you find the homonyms church which is build on the remains of an old fortress. Ideal for snorkeling all three of them. Loutro could be a holiday destination it self. No cars no big hotels no swimming pool accessible only by boat (daily) or hard walking from Sfakia or Anopoli. Ideal for relaxing and exploring the Cretan nature, for snorkeling or diving, walking around the area finding isolated beaches or small villages up in the mountains. You can find walking west side Finikas, Likos and Marmara beach.

  • Starting from the east side of Hora Sfakion there are a lot of gorges you can explore all of them impressive and not very big in length. First you find Perdikaris, a small and a little bit ruff walking gorge. Skaloti gorge is next small enough to walk it through in 2 hours but with steep slopes. Kalikratis gorge and Asfendou gorge are two places that you can spend all day for a pleasant walk through the Cretan nature with easy walking routes. Kapni gorge is very impressive but suggested only for experienced walkers very well equipped and you will need about four hours walking. Imbros gorge, one of the most impressive in crete 11km length and 3 hours walking. Ideal for family excursion just don't miss it and the same remarks I have to make for the next one , Sfakiano gorge. Iligas or Kavi gorge is one of the wildest in crete but nevertheless is a gorge that a family with young children can walk through. It is not well known to the tourists and maybe it is a good reason to visit it. Aradena gorge is the deepest and one of the longest in crete, 15 km length but most visitors are walking the last 7 kilometers, and for those who really dare try the highest BUNGEE JAMPING in Europe, 138 meters fall is enough for you?

  • There are some remains in the surrounding area of Sfakia which you can visit and get an idea of the history of this place. Anopoli is the largest one and used to be the financial center of this area having its own port in the todays area of Loutro. Close by is the koules of St Cathreen build in the mid 18s by the Turks just above Loutros. Koules of Askifou is a complex of two towers in the north of Sfakia and were build at the same time like the others. Koules of Loutro and tower of Loutro are two places you can visit while you are in Loutros. Last but not least is the fortress of Sfakia. Was build in the mid of 15thcentury but in our days there are some small remains of it that you can see.

  • You can always explore the inner land of Chania district by your car or following the E4 path walking ( sometimes organized by professionals ). Small alpine forests and plateaus or valleys are some of the things that Cretan nature offers to you.